Beyond branches is what banking will become.

GSIGNALX is unalike. We are challenging the status quo and metamorphosing the banking ecosystem towards Bank 4.0

Transformation doesn't have to be painful.

With our secure cloud-based solution, you can rely on us to protect your data while working from wherever you need to be.

Perfect balance of practical & social value.

While firms focus on the building solutions that works, we understand that it isn’t just about building a solution that works. The value lies in the customer’s journey and their experience of the product and we take it a bit more seriously, because human element is as important as technology itself, at the end of the day, it is the end-user that determines the quality and that is pivotal for the customer retention and for the increment in customer’s life time value. Any partnerships we take on is one we'll be set on beating the odds.


User-centric approach is core of our design principle


We follow industry standard privacy protocols

Building systems fit for next level financial institutions.

To always be on the edge requires a medium that can bridge between what has been legacy and what could be the future. Solutions that we are developing are that bridge that will morph the existing redundant processes into a profound process with seamless mechanics that can deliver results but with an insight that isn’t available in the legacy systems. We work and deliver projects using the best technologies available, shipping solutions by being a technology-first partner that financial institutions can rely on to ensure they’re always on the edge.


Ensures backward compatibility


Opens possibilities for developers


Security at it's best


Having no internet shouldn't be an issue


The VISION PLATFORM combines the four pillars into a robust amalgamation of technologies that can push the boundaries of what's currently possible in financial service industry.


About us.

At GSIGNALX, We know the value of commitment to the true purpose. We don't only exist to create products, we create impacts and add value to people and businesses. Our goal is to transform regulation compliance and customer-business relationship from the word go. Our founders and our team alike, are on a mission to make business processes run better. Through our innovation, we believe that our solutions can stir economic transformation, with the support of our partners and stakeholders.

We believe there is a more natural and personal way to interact with technology and with each other. Interaction that is efficient and less distracting, without sacrificing either our human or digital well-being. Our mission is to create solutions that bring us closer to establishing a seamless link between people and technology.

It’s time for a change!

Developers, designers, institutions and creative minds - join us and become part of the future where we utilize interaction with computer technology to its fullest potential.

The Start of Something Great.

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